Erich von Daniken

"And now the work started. I started to read thousands of pages, of the beginning of religions, of every mythology… It's always the same story, of course with different names, with different heroes, 'Somebody descends, from the sky, to the humans, Our forefathers could not understand, they believed that these are some gods'."

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Author, Chariots of the Gods?

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Born in 14 April 1935, Daniken is a swiss author best known for his controversial claims and his book Chariots of the Gods?. Daniken is one of the main figures responsible for for the popularizing the "Paleo-contact" and ancient astronaut hypothesis.

As a young man, he was educated in a Catholic boarding school. There, he made translations of the Bible from Greek to Latin to German. While doing so, he found stories that he could not attribute to his perception of God.
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