Megalithic monuments linked together by electromagnetic energy… Prehistoric ruins arranged across vast distances in straight lines… And advanced mathematics carved into landmarks more than 5000 years ago. Were ancient man’s spectacular structures built by humans alone? Or do they bear evidence of being designed–and interconnected–by otherworldly visitors?[1]

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Narrator: Megalithic monuments linked together by electromagnetic energy. Prehistoric ruins arranged across vast distances in straight lines. And advanced mathematics carved into landmarks more than 5,000 years ago. Were ancient man's spectacular structures built by humans alone, or do they bear evidence of being designed and interconnected by otherworldly visitors?

Coppens: These cultures were doing something on a global scale, interacting, creating a pattern.

Birnes: The layout of these ancient monuments could be a secret code that the ancients created for later societies.

Childress: The ancients placed pyramids and obelisks and other standing stones at key places and they were somehow being used as navigational beacons by the ancients and the extraterrestrials.

Narrator: Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history, and if so, did they leave behind a secret code? One that reveals mankind's extraterrestrial origins?


Narrator: Stonehenge in England; the Great Pyramid of Egypt; Teotihuacan, Mexico; and Macchu Picchu, Peru. All around the world ancient man built extraordinary structures and although separated by vast distances, and thousands of years, researchers believe that a secret code embedded in megalithic monuments may reveal the truth behind the connections between numerous ancient civilizations.

Coppens: When you look at where the ancients built their monuments, it is clear that they were marking the places where the power of the Earth could be harnessed. So the question really is: can we still maintain that all of these sites were simply chosen by accident, or is there far more to it than that? The evidence clearly suggests that these cultures were doing something on a global scale - interacting, creating a pattern which is really unique and lost to us right now.

Narrator: Some researchers have discovered a strong connection between sacred structures and powerfully charged areas of the globe, where the Earth's electromagnetic energy gathers. Electromagnetic energy waves provide for all visible light, and today's radio and cellular communication, as well as microwaves and X-rays.

Dennin: Energy, scientifically, is a property that things have, that we say, technically, allows it to do work or make things move. So you think of things like: magnetic fields, electric fields, gravity, things moving, heating things up - those are all forms of energy. And the one thing we do know is the Earth has a magnetic field. And the magnetic field connects different parts in the Earth.

Newman: And these strange anomalies occur like gravitational anomalies, magnetic anomalies, and even like anomalies to do with distortions of vision. And if you sort of mark them on a map where they all are, they seem to form into these geometric grids.

Childress: It seems that ancient people, possibly with the help of ancient aliens, early on mapped the entire Earth and noted these special power spots and vortex areas that occur on islands and mountain areas and jungles all around the planet. It was important to them, and these places are related by geometry and latitude and longitude.

Narrator: Known as the World Grid, ancient astronaut theorists believe our ancestors purposely constructed their monuments on energy lines, that, when mapped and connected, create a significant pattern.

Childress: The concept of the World Grid is that the Earth is like a giant crystal, and energy is flowing around it at little nodules. And energy paths are intersecting and moving all over the world.

Narrator: In the 4th century B.C. Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato taught that the basic structure of the Earth evolved from geometric shapes now known as Platonic Solids.

Newman: Plato left a tantalizing clue as, possibly, the first mention of the World Grid. He basically described the Earth as being created from 12 pentagonal faces and twenty points, or vertices, on the surface. And when you join these together, and mark them on a map, you realize that there are, kind of, geometrical formations that appear between them.

Hagens: Plato wrote that there was a world soul and this world soul he described as a sphere that was composed of 120 equal, identical triangles. I believed that that model could actually be applied to the Earth.

Narrator: To illustrate Plato's 'sphere of triangles', anthropologist Bethe Hagens designed a model of the Earth divided by 15 circles.

Hagens: Well, here you can see a cluster of 10 of the triangles of the 120 that Plato mentioned. Besides seeing this as triangles, you can see it as 15 'equators' that actually cut the Earth in half. See, they all go around, whichever way you look. They're all Great Circles. It's a geometric model of the Earth energy grid, of what Plato discovered 2500 years ago.

Narrator: But, is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that man was able to capture and use the Earth's energy at power centers around the world to help build their megalithic monuments?

Newman: There's facinating ideas that they were actually using this for anti-gravitational purposes. And they were actually able to lift and quarry and move these huge megalithic blocks great distances around the planet. And so we have to question 'was there something to do with this grid that they were actually harnessing' and they were able to use the energies from it to move and construct these sites.

Narrator: But how could ancient civilizations tap into Earth's energy? And how could the Earth's electromagnetic energy fields have even been known to ancient man?

Bara: The ancients clearly understood that if they located their sacred sites at these places, they would get some sort of powerful alignment with the Earth, the universe. Everything would come into flow and it would be a great place for their places of worship. The question is: where do they get the information? Is it something that was passed down to them from a higher human civilization, or was it passed down to them from somebody even higher than that?

Birnes: The layout of these ancient monuments and these celebratory places, because they lie on the Earth's magnetic grid, well could be a secret code that the ancients created for later societies containing a secret about the relationship of those civilizations to ancient aliens.

Tsoukalos: Extraterrestrials told our ancestors, "Hey, here create this on that particular point," and they did that all around the world, and now, when we connect all those places, when we plot them on a globe, they create this perfect pattern that would have been impossible by chance. It's a huge mystery how it was done, unless you take into consideration that this might have been a "message" for our generation that was left behind by extraterrestrials who visited our ancestors in the remote past.

Narrator: Is it possible that early man learned how to harness the Earth's own powerful energy from extraterrestrial beings? And, if so, might the finding by researchers of a, so-called, 'world energy grid', provide proof of contact with alien visitors? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer, on both counts, is a resounding 'yes'.

Childress: The world grid could have been used as a source of free and inexhaustible energy that was flowing continuously around our planet. And they were somehow being used by the ancients and the extraterrestrials for energy and as, even, navigational beacons for their spaceships.

Bara: Alot of these ancient sites on the World Grid are always associated with UFO sightings. The UFOs themselves seem to understand that these are important places and it's almost as if they're feeding off the energy of these places when they come to visit the Earth.

Narrator: Did ancient cultures around the world really build their monuments using powerful Earth energy under the guidance of star-travelers, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? Perhaps further evidence can be found by taking a closer look at the strange link between some of the oldest monuments on Earth and their connection to the stars.

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Narrator: The Boyne River Valley, 30 miles north of Dublin, Ireland. Here, within this archaeological site, lie the ruins of the New Grange Passage Tomb, built around 3150 B.C..

Murphy: This is New Grange, which is Ireland's foremost monument in terms of it's mythical and historic significance. It was constructed here by a community of farmers and astronomers who inhabited this valley and together they enshrined their spiritual and scientific beliefs monumentally in stone.

Narrator: Constructed with over 200,000 tons of stone, quarried 75 miles away, New Grange is known as a 'passage tomb' because the enormous mound has one passageway that leads to a centralized chamber in which bone fragments have been found.

Murphy: This is the central chamber of New Grange with it's massive, corbelled ceiling which has kept the chamber dry, completely bone dry, for 5000 years. At the end of the chamber, here, it opens up into this opening with the three recesses and there are three very large basin stones in each of the recesses. And it was in these basins that the remains of the dead would have been placed. The amazing thing about New Grange is what they've managed to do with these giant stones is create an opening in the chamber which accepts sunlight on the dawn of the winter solstice.

Narrator: In fact, the structure's main chamber remains in darkness, except for one day, at winter solstice, when the sunrise illuminates the 60 foot long passageway and central chamber for a mere 17 minutes.

Murphy: They saw the other world as lying amongst the stars, and they believed that, in placing the bones of their deceased relatives in the chamber, that the souls of the dead would be brought into the other world on the dawn of the winter solstice when the light of the sun came in and, perhaps, drew the spirit out into the other world.

Narrator: The remarkable layout of the tomb's ground plan is an achievement many researchers believe could only have been accomplished with advanced knowledge of constellations.

Murphy: The passage and chamber are cruciform in shape, they are shaped like a cross, which we think is very significant, because it seems to be based on the shape of the constellation Cygnus, which is the swan constellation of the sky.

Collins: Cygnus is one of the most important constellations to the ancients. We know it, probably, better as 'the Northern Cross'. And the set of stars seem to mark where the Milky Way actually breaks into two, and, universally, for prehistoric societies around the world, this point in the sky, known as 'The Cygnus Rift', has been seen as an entrance and exit into some kind of sky world. We call it 'Heaven' today, and it was seen as the point in the sky of cosmic creation.

Narrator: Is it possible the ancient people at New Grange received knowledge of our solar system and distant galaxies from another, more other-worldly source, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? And, might the ancient builders have intentionally left a code for future civilizations to decipher? If so, what were they trying to tell us?

Noory: They were experts in astronomy. They were also experts in building. How they possessed both I find to be very uncanny. Because they are supposedly doing this without high-tech equipment and instruments. But they did look toward the heavens, and they tried to copy the heavens.

Coppens: When we look at the ancient people themselves, and ask why they did it, they are quite straight-forward in answering this question, and that answer is simply - because this is to do with the gods and figuring out when the gods would come in the future.

Narrator: Throughout the world, there are numerous ancient sites that were built in precise alignment with constellations, primarily Cygnus and Orion. Perhaps the most famous example can be found at the Giza Plateau, in the layout of the three Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Bauval: I discovered in the early '80s that there was a correlation between Orion's Belt and the layout of the three pyramids. You have two large pyramids aligned with each other, and a third, smaller one, offset from that alignment. Well, that's the same way you have with the stars. You have two bright stars, and a third, less bright star, offset from the line of the other two. The correlation is evident.

Narrator: Other ancient sites built in close alignment with the constellation Orion include: the ancient city of Teotihuacan in central Mexico, established in 100 B.C.; the layout of the ancient Hopi villages in the American southwest; and the Thorneborough Henges, a neolithic landscape complex in Yorkshire, northern England, dating to between 3500 and 2500 B.C..

Knight: The Thorneborough Henges are believed to be a copy of the stars of Orion's Belt. Their accuracy is just stunning. Is that coincidence? I mean, it really is exact.

Narrator: But why were so many civilizations around the world focused on Orion?

Gilbert: The constellation of Orion has a special magnetism for us. Partly because it does look like a man, and certainly the Egyptians claimed their gods came from there. And there is a sense that this is where we come from. That somehow the human race has been implanted on this planet and that that's where our father lives.

Narrator: Some researchers believe, in addition to mirroring the three stars in Orion's Belt, the pyramids at Giza also encode, in their placement, a significant message about the origin of their culture.

Bauval: The position of Orion's Belt, relative to the Milky Way, is the same as the pyramids relative to the Nile. When you look at the two images they look the same, except one is stellar and one is earthly. What adds to this is that the alignments, the pattern of Orion's Belt, matches what is on the ground, not at the time that Egyptologists tell us, but in 10,500 B.C.. When you look at the sky in 10,500 B.C., the lock is almost perfect.

Martell: At that same date, the constellation Leo is aligned perfectly with the gaze of the Sphinx. So at 10,500 B.C., even though the pyramids were built in 2500 B.C., we see a terrestrial alignment of the monuments on the Earth mimicking the stars in the sky.

Bauval: So you have two constellations locking themselves with two sets of monuments, the Sphinx and the three pyramids in 10,500 B.C.. It cannot be a coincidence.

Bara: Was it something they intuitively channeled, or did somebody else, someone from higher up, teach them all of this stuff, and help them to build these monuments, and help them to create these messages from ancient times? Try to get us to appreciate who we really are, where we really came from, and why we're really here?

Narrator: Might the builders of Egypt's pyramids, and of the New Grange passage tomb, really have embedded in their structures a secret code telling us about the otherworldly origins of the elite rulers of their societies, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? If so, might there be hidden messages contained in other ancient monuments around the world? Perhaps answers can be found by examining what some researchers call 'ancient flightpaths'.

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