This installment presents theories and evidence relating to, mainly, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin in regards to the  beliefs about extraterrestrial life. Also delved into are the relationship of Freemasonry to the Founding Fathers and the founding of the Country, as well as to the planning and building of the nation's capital city, Washington D.C., and it's monuments and key buildings.

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April 5, 1800 - Baton Rouge, LA

Astronomer William Dunbar reports to Vice President Thomas Jefferson that he witnessed a bright glowing light the size of a large house hovering 200 yards above ground. It was bright, radiated tremendous heat and crashed not far away, destroying the whole area where it crashed. Though it didn't seem to create an appropriately proximate crater. The reports, revealing the objects relatively low speed, rule out its possibility of being a meteor. Jefferson takes this very seriously and passed the report on just like any other discovery or observation of scientific value, also presenting it to the American Philosophical Society.

Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the American Philosophical Society contained in its membership the greatest thinkers in America at the time.

Jefferson remains the highest American public official to ever report a UFO sighting or likewise incident.


Fredricksburg, Virginia, 1752 -

George Washington is initiated into the Freemasons. Other Freemasons include Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock and Paul Revere.

The origins of freemasonry are a little cloudy, but at least by the time of the Renaissance, people started to study ancient civilizations to see if there had been any knowledge that had been lost. The freemasons stand for gaining knowledge through largely scientific and spiritual means. In the Enlightenment, this included the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Freemasonry was the vehicle to bring these ideas of the Enlightenment into the New World.

One of the things this fraternity would be discussing, among other issues of the day, was the concept of the Plurality of Worlds.

Did these ideas influence the founding fathers?

There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, of those 9 were definitely freemasons. Of the Constitution, there were 39 signers, 13 of them freemasons.

Does this explain why so many freemason principles are woven into the institutions of the United States, or why so many of the freemasonry symbols are prevalent in the city of Washington, D.C.?

The initial symbol of freemasonry was the compass (representing individuality), square (representing wisdom) and G (standing for the Grand Architect of the universe. We might wonder if Franklin's belief in the Plurality of Worlds somehow made it into Masonic symbolism. The same people who were instrumental in the development of freemasonry were very interested in Egypt, they were inspired by the idea of ancient wisdom. Other Masonic symbols found in Washington, D.C. are eerily similar to the icons of Ancient Egypt - the sphinx, the obelisk, the pyramid, and the all-seeing eye. On the dollar bill is the pyramid and the all-seeing eye. The fathers saw the divinity of ancient civilizations and sought to re-create it in the United States.

The idea is that we need a source of light for us to become enlightened, we cannot do it alone. And to the founding fathers, this experiment (the United States) was necessary for humans to make the next leap. Like the alignment of the stars.

Why did these Founding Fathers, so aligned with logic and reason, attach so much importance to ancient symbols and mysticism? And who, or what, did they believe was watching over them? God, or something else? Ancient astronaut theorists point to an 1866 lithograph of George Washington that is in the Library of Congress.

In the painting of Washington as a freemason, over his right shoulder is an unusual scene of Jacob's Ladder ascending to heaven and what seems to be some kind of spaceship there in the sky.

In the biblical story of Jacob, from Genesis 28, Jacob witnesses angels ascending and descending a ladder from heaven. But in the painting the ladder doesn't come from heaven, but from a dark, round object emitting multi-colored lights. Though Jacob's Ladder is a popular symbol in freemasonry, is this rendering pointing to something more of an extraterrestrial nature?

According to ancient astronaut theorists, Jacob's Ladder was nothing more than a ramp or a device with which to reach the realm of the gods, and the 'gods' were extraterrestrials.

What do all these symbols say about the origins of the United States of America? Ancient astronaut theorists don't only point to the presence of Masonic symbols and pre-Christian influences as evidence of the Founding Fathers extraterrestrial connections. They also find proof in the fact that even the layout of Washington, D.C. points to the stars.


Alexandria, Virginia 1791 -

In a Masonic ceremony, George Washington lays the first cornerstone, which will mark the southern boundary of what will become the District of Columbia. The ritual involves scattering corn, pouring wine and pouring oil. The corn stands for prosperity, oil for peace, wine for happiness.

According to scholars, the nation's capitol has been steeped in ancient symbolism since it's inception. Ancient astronaut theorists point to the city's tallest structure, the Washington Monument, as proof that the city was built with a deliberate eye to the stars. Although construction began in 1848, nearly 50 years after Washington died, the freemasons built the monument such that the Pleiades would be visible directly over the obelisk.

The Pleiades is a group of seven bright stars. The Egyptians used these stars as a way to figure out judgments that needed to be made about many different things. In the ancient world, in places of great power and great influence, they built monuments aligned with the Pleiades. The fact that the Washington Monument is also aligned with the Pleiades might be more than a coincidence.

Washington, D.C., a city built to invoke ancient cities like Athens and Rome, has for it's central structure an icon of Ancient Egypt. The Washington Monument is also the largest obelisk in the world at 555 feet in height. Seeming to draw the eyes up when looked at, one might wonder what it is the builders wanted someone to see. The idea of the obelisk is that it's frozen sunlight, that the energy of the god Ra literally came through that antenna. The idea is that the Washington Monument, situated in nearly the center, draws the energy from the stars and radiates it out into the sacred precinct.

There is also the Reflecting Pool. Why? To reflect the obelisk. The Washington Monument points to the heavens, with the Reflecting Pool, it also points below. The idea is that there is a direct correlation between what's happening down here and what's happening up there.

For ancient astronaut theorists, it's not just the placement of the Washington Monument and the Capital building that point to the stars, but the layout of the entire city. It harkens back to ancient places like Egypt, Greece and Rome. The city is laid out with perfectly straight lines radiating from different little hubs all around the city. They converge on places like the Capitol Building, the White House - it is a revelation of clarity that highlights the cornerstones of American democracy.

Washington, D.C. was conceived of, from the very beginning, as a sacred space - a ten by ten square mile diamond matrix into which all the Founding Fathers believed they could pour their enlightenment teachings and bring them to life. Another freemason, Pierre Charles L'Enfant, was selected by George Washington to lay out the city in the 10 mile diamond, he began by aligning the four corners of the square with the four cardinal directions (North, south, east, and west). It wasn't by coincidence, but by a scientific, rational way to lay out the city with geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, triangles). It was to emphasize that this new form of government was not going to rely on religion, but that it was going to rely on reason and scientific discovery.

The primary triangle, connecting the Capitol Building and the White House to the Washington Monument was key. Some scholars believe that the triangle found in the city represents the Masonic square and compass, symbolizing the Founding Fathers search for enlightenment from above. But ancient astronaut theorists claim that, beyond this triangle, lies an even more significant geometric shape - the shape of a pentagram.

The interesting thing about Jefferson's influence on the design of Washington, D.C. was this star, with roads emanating in every direction from the star that seem to be a mirror of the heavens. Because Jefferson did believe that the heavens were inhabited and he wanted Washington, D.C. not just to be the capital of the United States of America, but the capital of the universe.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both expert surveyors and map makers, and were hands-on in the design and the layout of the new capital. They laid out the city with the expectation that somehow, if there were extraterrestrials, that they would see the image of the star in the city and know that it was a sign that we respected extraterrestrial life.

Did the placement of the Washington Monument, Capitol Hill and National Mall reflect the Founding Father's beliefs in extraterrestrial life? Perhaps the answer might be in an investigation of the Capitol Building itself and the strange connection to other worlds that can be found inside.


Washington, D.C. 1791 - Jenkin's Hill

L'Enfant declares the location a 'pedestal waiting for a monument'. For the next two years he works with Washington and Jefferson designing that monument, which will house the United States Congress - the Capitol Building. On September 18, 1793, the day of the Autumnal Equinox, Washington lays the cornerstone and Jenkin's Hill officially becomes Capitol Hill. The concept of the ancient and sacred hill was deeply in the minds of the Founding Fathers. In Boston, we have high hills that are important. We have Monticello being built on a hill. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of the 'Temple Mound' concept. But was the Capitol Building's placement directly related to Washington and Jefferson's reported contact with extraterrestrial beings?

Ancient astronaut theorists point to evidence in the form of the statue that still sits atop the Capitol Dome, placed there after the current dome was completed in 1866. The 'Freedom Statue' is a 19 1/2 foot tall statue of a goddess who is actually morphing into an eagle. This is very important in ancient alien theory because the gods were portrayed as eagle-headed. So it looks like Freedom, here, is being referenced as a star-being.

Inside the dome, directly in line with the Freedom Statue, is an empty tomb that had been designed to hold the remains of George Washington. One floor above it is The Crypt, then the Capitol Rotunda. And soaring 180 feet above that is a painting of Washington, looking very much like an ancient god. Called 'The Apotheosis of Washington', it is a massive painting that depicts Washington in a very interesting setting. The painting was completed in 1865 by Constantino Brimidi. The word 'apotheosis' is a Greek word that means 'to deify' (to be raised from a man to a god-man). Washington sits in what look like clouds, with what might be angels surrounding him, with a big rainbow that runs right underneath his feet.

In the Rotunda, we are literally in a vortex of energy. Domes are places where heaven and earth meet. They are considered to be portals, or gateways, to the stars.

There is another representation of Washington that specifically presents him as a divine figure. Congress authorized a statue of Washington, by Grino, in which he is depicted as Zeus, or Jupiter. The statue has several features that depict him as a man of peace and a conductor of heaven and earth. The sword is offered to the viewer of the statue, indicating he's here in peace. Then, on the sides of the statue, there is a very important representation of the god Apollo riding his sun-chariot, or star-chariot. The idea that we get from all this is that Washington is a cosmic being, riding through the heavens on his own star-chariot.

Could the symbols, monuments and alignments found throughout the city of Washington, D.C. be evidence that the Founding Fathers actually believed that other-worldly beings were instrumental if the new American experiment in government were to survive and prosper? Was their interest in the stars, and their belief in the possibility that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, based on the ideas of the enlightenment or actual close encounters?

We've gone from Benjamin Franklin's electricity experiments to space travel in less than 250 years, and its brought about really vast changes in American society. But what hasn't changed is that desire to know more about space, and that desire to find out 'is there really life outside of our planet?'. Not only is the Founding Fathers belief in the Plurality of Worlds alive today, it is also being pursued scientifically in a way they had no capability to do, and this is a concept that has been considered ever since that first person looked up at the night sky and wondered about what's out there.

Did George Washington receive some secret knowledge at Valley Forge that guided him in the founding of the United States? Did he share this information with other Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin? And did they, in turn, pass this knowledge down to the men that followed them? If extraterrestrials really were present at the founding of the United States, did they come here to watch over us? Was there some ultimate plan? And, if so, will they return once more?

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  1. July 15, 1952 - Radar operators at Washington National Airport report objects on radar, first thought to be Soviet fighters, then dissmissed. 7 objects flew over D.C., over the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument before leaving, chased by fighter planes that were no match for speed and agility.
  2. General John Sanford - Director of Intelligence, United States Air Force
  3. The Lunar Society
  4. July 16, 1790 - plans announced for the building of Washington, D.C.
  5. Like the Atomists of Ancient Greece, followers in the Age of Enlightenment ascribed to extraterrestrial life in a concept called 'The Plurality of Worlds'
  6. William Herschel - an astronomer who discovered astral bodies and built the biggest telescope of his time
  7. Benjamin Franklin wrote about, and disseminated, Plurality thought in Poor Richard's Almanac and other printings including the 'Star Legends' of native Americans.
  8. An Iroquois creation legend involving a 'Sky Woman'
  9. At Valley Forge in the winter of 1777, George Washington had a 'prayer vision' where a creature, garbed in white, told of the history of the future involving the American defeat over the British and the history of the country to come. Raindrops fell onto a map representing the cities that would be formed across the nation in years to come. We know this story because an aide of Washington's, who lived to be 100 years old, told the story to a newspaper of the first general's alien encounter.
  10. Ancient astronaut theorists claim, supposedly represented in his diaries, that Washington might have unknowingly had further contact encounters with extraterrestrial entities citing as example alleged encounters with a hovering green, glowing ball in or above the trees around camp, out of which he sees small green figures (he possibly describes them as 'small native americans').
  11. It is theorized that these 'Greenskins' were there at a time of cataclysmic events, as elsewhere throughout history, to observe, and that it might be at these times that the extraterrestrials might most want to interact with us.

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